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(210) 367-8144

Food ready for your hungry employees any time of day

Chef chopping fresh food in an office kitchen
Keep productivity high with frozen meals

Professional food vending machine in the San Antonio area.

Convenient food

Imagine the benefit of on-site food for your employees -- it saves time and increases productivity.

Healthy menu

Many of our food items support a healthy lifestyle, including all natural ingredients and gluten free.

Tailored to you

Pick just the right food offerings for your San Antonio site in order to customize the food vending machine.

Here at Full Service Vending, we believe in offering plenty of variety. In our food vending machines, you will see a ton of delicious food options, including high-quality Burgers, popular Hot Pockets, spicy Burritos, gourmet Wraps, restaurant-style Pizzas, inspiring Breakfast Sandwiches, tasty Frozen Entrees, classic Corn Dogs, and more. The grab and go convenience of food in your break room is a sought-after employee benefit and perfect for locations with multiple shifts. Eliminate the need for employees to go off site in search of meals and drive up productivity and job satisfaction.

Experience the difference food can make.

Keep your San Antonio employees happy with food vending machines from Full Service Vending at (210) 367-8144.

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